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Motivated by recent observations of highly coherent magnons in special systems and geometries, the role of coherent magnons in quantum coherent systems is under intense investigation. Quantum magnonics is the field of manipulation and control of magnons based on structural or field-dependent features, as well as the probing of countable numbers of magnons in quantum systems. For example, cooling of a magnon mode to well below a thermodynamically accessible temperature, or the generation of magnon lasing. Central to our program are access to individual quanta of spin waves, and coupling to other coherent systems, which may be sources or elements of hybrid quantum systems. These include optical cavities, superconducting systems, microwave resonators, and localized spin systems in solids, such as spin centers in diamond or silicone carbide. New questions have been raised, including the limits of magnon coherence, the limits on the strength of magnon coupling to other quantum systems, and the potential to realize features from other quantum systems (squeezed states, teleportation) within the magnon system. This long-term workshop will be first of its kind, with the intention of coordinating the attention of the community on central questions to guide research in years to come.




Our program should consist of the following 3 weeks, each kicked off with an in-depth pedagogical tutorial, an experimental overview by a leading expert, and a focused mini-workshop composed of invited technical talks on Monday/Tuesday.


Week 1: Coherent coupling between magnons and other quantum systems: localized spin systems and superconductors;

Week 2: Optical couplings to magnons; coherent Brillouin scattering, optomagnonics, cavity coupling;

Week 3: Spin dynamics in ferromagnetic insulators, geometric control of magnon properties, synthetic ferrimagnets, magnonic crystals, condensation of magnons, superradiance, superfluidity.


The rest of each week will be fully devoted to informal presentations by the participants, discussions, andcollaborations. We believe, from our previous experience using the above format that extended periods have the advantage of bringing together more closely related experts in each week. There should also be several poster sessions during the weeks of workshop.




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Registration deadline: March 11, 2020



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